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About Us

We are the new generation of Islamic finance Shariah-compliant advisory aiming to provide an added value to our clients through our unique business model giving the client an added value through a wide spectrum of Shariah related services.

Shariah Solutions Limited is an Islamic Finance advisory boutique.

Our core services are ethical Islamic finance consultancy, Islamic law advisory and Shariah & Socially Responsible Investments (SRI).

We praise ourselves of:

  • Being a high end One Stop Solution providing Islamic finance solutions and advisory for financial institutions and corporate entities
  • Providing business oriented and efficient advice
  • Being strategically based in London serving Europe, and the MENA region
  • Performing services outsourced to Shariah Solutions - including white labelling for Shariah services
  • The executive director of Shariah Solutions is Shaykh Haytham Tamim, a senior Shariah scholar and Member of Shariah Supervisory Boards of Islamic banks and funds in the UK and mainland Europe.

With our strategic partners we combine a boutique corporate advisory, law advisory and Shariah/socially responsible investments (SRI) consultancy.

We advise on structuring and implementing ethical investments by providing 3 in 1 services combination:

  • Shariah-compliant advisory and structuring
  • Shariah assurance and auditing¬†
  • Corporate and legal advisory related to Islamic finance

We act as a Catalyst:

Acting as a medium between the Scholars and the institutions, and its legal and financial advisors for the purpose of obtaining a Fatwa from the Scholars on timely basis.