Financial Institutions and Consultancy Firms

Our experts have cutting edge experience in providing Shariah advice for financial institutions and banks (including conventional and Islamic institutions).

Our team can provide Shariah advice on:

  • the setting up of Islamic banks or Islamic windows for conventional banks
  • the structure and the financial engineering of a wide range of Shariah-compliant products and structures (including capital markets products, money market instruments, investment and retail products, assets and projects finance)
  • reducing costs associated with structuring Shariah-compliant products
  • Services to consultancy and advisory firms

We understand the business needs of consultancy firms, Shariah Solutions can assist law firms, accountancy firms and other professional advisory firms in their Shariah related activities and advisory.

We can assist the consultancy and advisory in better servicing their clients by:

  • boosting their Islamic finance capabilities by giving them a cutting edge Shariah advisory
  • acting as a back office, research and advisory offices in respect of their Shariah-compliant transactions
  • assisting the consultancy and advisory firms in providing an added value service to their clients by identifying the Shariah issues
  • providing timely advices as we are in touch at all times with the Shariah Scholars
  • Corporate advisory
  • Shariah structuring
  • Shariah law of contracts
  • Arab laws overview
  • Arab social customs and business ethics