Shariah Consultancy and Structuring Advisory service

On certain occasions, financial institutions may seek to develop a Shariah compliant product without there being an initial structure in place. In such cases, Shariah Solutions provides Shariah structuring assistance in the form of Shariah financial engineering aimed at satisfying the client's expectations in a comprehensive manner.

  • Establishing Shariah Boards
  • Coordinating with Scholars and assist institutions to obtain fatwas
  • Provide ad hoc Shariah scholars, Islamic finance experts and Shariah Supervisory Boards
  • Conduct Shariah auditing and compliance
  • Advise on Shariah compliant product structuring and implementation
  • Advise on establishing new Shariah compliant windows or institutions
  • Advise on converting conventional funds and institutions to Islamic funds
  • Provide fatwas (Islamic opinions) on Islamic finance products